Why San Diego Home Buyers Have Their Mortgage Application Rejected

January 13, 2020


Almost all San Diego home buyers go through the process of getting a mortgage. Few are fortunate enough to be able to pay in cash. Yet, many potential San Diego home buyers do not concentrate enough on the mortgage process even though it is essential to securing a home. This lack of preparation can often […]


How to Jumpstart a Stale San Diego Listing

January 6, 2020

San Diego Listing

Not all San Diego home sales are due to a family wanting an upgrade or even a downgrade.  For example, there are situations where San Diego sellers are pressed for time. Those San Diego sellers moving for work or even someone selling to stop themselves from going into foreclosure will want to sell fast.   If […]


Safety First: Learning if a San Diego Neighborhood is Safe Before Buying

December 30, 2019

San Diego Neighborhood

Something that is on the mind of all home buyers is the safety of their new San Diego neighborhood.  When looking at potential homes they may be tempted to ask their real estate agent what neighborhood is safest.  However, agents cannot comment on the safety of neighborhoods. It is up to the home buyer to […]


What are the True Costs of Home Staging? (And Why it can be Worth it)

December 23, 2019

Home Staging

One of the biggest pieces of advice that San Diego sellers hear is to stage their home before they sell it.  But what does home staging entail?  At its core, home staging is investing in the right décor and furniture to present the house to buyers in the best light.  But spending money to sell […]


San Diego Sellers: Don’t Make THESE Prepping Mistakes

December 16, 2019

San Diego Sellers

When San Diego sellers start thinking about the steps to sell a house, the words “renovate” and “repair” often come to mind. Most of the time this is because it can be easier to sell an up to date house versus one in need of a total overhaul.   That being said, it does not mean […]


Tips for San Diego Home Buyers Navigating a Seller’s Market

December 9, 2019

Seller's Market

San Diego home buyers often have a hard time finding the right house when the market favors the seller. And currently, the real estate market is leaning heavily toward the seller.  As a result, San Diego home buyers are scrambling to get offers in before the very limited supply of houses dries up. With housing […]


Renovating? Critical Considerations for San Diego Homeowners

December 2, 2019


Completely gutting a house for a remodel is a huge undertaking for San Diego homeowners.  Renovating is a project that is going to cost a lot of time and money which means it must be planned well.   Without careful planning, San Diego homeowners may find themselves dumping money into a house that has problems that […]


Surviving the House Appraisal: A How-To Guide for San Diego Buyers

November 25, 2019


When a San Diego home sale gets to the point that an appraisal is being completed, the seller and buyer are both feeling the pressure. If the appraisal comes back much lower than what has been agreed on, the buyer can be in trouble. If the seller will not bring the price down, the buyer […]


Do This BEFORE Listing Your San Diego Home

November 18, 2019


San Diego home sellers are often stressed when listing their home for sale.  There are a lot of moving parts when selling a San Diego house and it can be hard to navigate through the process.  To help you prepare for listing, here are three main areas that should be focused on when trying to […]


Attention San Diego Home Buyers: Learn How to Handle Earnest Money

November 11, 2019

Earnest Money

Something that takes some San Diego home buyers by surprise is how much money must be put down for earnest money along with the fact that they could lose it if they back out of a real estate deal.  Earnest money is provided to a seller to ensure the home buyers are serious with their […]